Discussion on drone camera

A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can be remotely controlled for a variety of purposes. Drones are most commonly associated with military operations and surveillance. However, by outfitting these relatively small unmanned robots with video production equipment, they have taken a giant leap forward in terms of commercial and personal uses. In recent years, drones have been the subject of a variety of Hollywood movies including Eye in the Sky and Good Kill. Civilian use of UAVs is rapidly increasing in both commercial and personal videography. They can be pre-programmed to fly specific flight paths by integrating software and GPS information or hand manipulated. In terms of video production, they’ve expanded and refined many filmmaking techniques.

Primary Uses
Bird’s Eye View
This classic movie shot gives audiences the perspective of looking down on a subject from above. Although commonly called “aerial views” the incorporation of the drone into video production has increased the number aerial shots. In terms of drone usage, the bird’s eye view is more now primarily associated with shots taken from directly overhead. By positioning the UAV so the camera points straight down, the shot can pan out by gaining altitude or spin by rotating the device. Drone manipulation allows for a great deal of bird’s eye interpretation.

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